Unlocking the potential of natural ingredients

ARDUStech is a BTB company which produces microencapsulated olive oil in order to create a solid form of olive oil in powder form. We are addressing to the market of Cosmetics, Dietary Supplements and Food Sector with superior quality final products, without any changes to the sensory properties and the chemical composition .

Reformulate your products

According to the decision of the FDA (FDA-2013-N-1317) the TRANS fatty acids are no longer considered safe for consumption. Therefore, the food and beverage industries have to replace the fatty TRANS until 2019.

NEW! Olive Oil Powder up to 65%



  • Remove trans fat from your products
  • Improve Sensory Properties
  • Improve your competitve advantage of Ingredient Claim in your package
  • Standardize the quality of your dry mixes
  • Possible Kosher Certification

    Our Solution offers supplements without the use of Gelatin

  • Green Supplements
  • Create Clean Labels
  • No animal source ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarian- vegan
  • Possible Kosher Certification



     Easy to store

  • No special conditions required
  • A variety of different packages, e.g. 20/10 kg
  • Long Self life product; more than 12 months



    food industry

    With the microencapsulation the incorporation of the olive oil in food mixtures now it is possible. Examples of such mixtures are the ready soup mixtures, dry salad dressing mixes and food flavorings.

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    dietary supplements

    The olive oil powder may be used as ingredient for the production of parapharmaceutical products such as food supplements. Our Solution offers supplements without the use of Gelatin.

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    The microencapsulated olive oil is a specialty ingredient because of its characteristics and is used mainly in hydration and care due to the high concentration of Vitamin E and other antioxidants.

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