In the area of baked goods the type of fat largely determines the overall quality. Microencapsulated Olive Oil high fat powder is a convenient source to add creaminess, opacity and adhesive properties. It also improves ingredient handling, provide accurate measuring and enhance incorporation and distribution in mixes which result in a consistently high quality finished product.
  • Increase specific volume of the loaf
  • Increase moisture content of your final products
  • Harder and less sticky dough
  • Improves the chewiness
  • Furthermore, the microencapsulated olive oil can provide a competitive advantage to the food industries due to the ingredient claim that can be made on packaging. Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan, Kosher and Halal Certification.

    food supplements

    The olive oil powder may be used as ingredient for the production of parapharmaceutical products such as food supplements. Our Solution offers supplements without the use of Gelatin.

    Gelatin or gelatine is a translucent, colorless, brittle (when dry), flavorless material derived from collagen extracted from the skin, bones, and connective tissues of animals such as from beef bones and pig skin. It is commonly used as a gelling agent in food, pharmaceuticals, photography, and cosmetic manufacturing. By using microencapsulated olive oil powder with coated materials of vegetal sources, the dietary supplements with Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian and Vegan Certification are also possible.


    The microencapsulated olive oil is a specialty ingredient because of its characteristics (controlled solubility, solid form) and is used mainly in hydration and care (e.g. creams, shampoos) due to the high concentration of Vitamin E and other antioxidants.


    The microencapsulation of the olive oil for liquid or semisolid beauty products protect the olive oil from the other components by preventing their possible interaction. With the protection that microencapsulation provides to the olive oil, protects it from oxidation and its chemical and organoleptic characteristics are maintained without the use of additional antioxidants. At the same time, with microencapsulation, more combinations of ingredients for the production of nutritious creams may be applied. With the coating of the olive oil by the microcapsule, the gradual decrease in pH of the final products (creams), which is a key problem in Cosmetology, is being prevented. The gradual release of the olive oil in solid beauty products imparts specific characteristics such as greater penetration in the skin.